Code of Ethics

Objective :
Colourtex Group places the highest value on ethical business practices. The company has consciously fostered such practices and over time, they have become an integral part of the Colourtex Group work culture.

The standards of behavior expected from an employee are mentioned below:

  • This policy is applicable to all employees working with Colourtex Group
  • Colourtex work shall be carried out in a professional, independent and impartial manner.
  • All work shall be performed in compliance with applicable laws and company policies. No employee is authorized, intentionally or by disregard of procedure, to violet any legal, environmental, health, or safety requirement.
  • All employees are required to inform management or any condition that creates a danger to the environment, poses health and safety hazards, or may be a violation of law or ethical conduct. The company provides facilities to enable confidential reporting of such conditions.
  • All work is subject to periodic audit by trained personnel against applicable laws, regulatory requirements and company policies and procedures. Corrective action will be taken in timely and effective manner and will be monitored, tracked and reviewed by company management.
  • No misrepresentation of financial data will be made. All financial reports will reflect accurately the current position and performance of the company in accordance with company policy and legal requirements.
  • (a) Individuals who have company information, either because they created it or are entrusted with it, are responsible for protecting it in a manner matching its degree of confidentiality & resulting information classification. This is true whether or not it is marked written, spoken or electronic.
    (b) Company information must be shared & distributed in a manner consistent with its level of information classification.
    (c) Company information must be properly disposed of when it is no longer needs to be kept, according to 'Records managing policy'.
  • Keep confidential the know-how, drawings, formulae, knowledge, such inventions, designs, processes, products, programs, trademarks, copyrights, domain names, ideas, discoveries, improvements information or any trade secret or financial matter which the employee may acquire either directly or indirectly and/or have access to during the course of or as incidental to the Employee’s employment concerning the business activities, affairs or the property of the Company or of any of its affiliates, licensees, business partners or other companies under the same management or otherwise, (hereinafter referred to as the “Confidential Information”).
  • Fully recognizing that the “Confidential Information” is and will be proprietary and unique information belonging to the company.
  • Not use, calling, disclose, divulge, lecture upon or publish, directly or indirectly, for the Employee or for any other person, firm or body corporate, any of the Company's “Confidential Information” except as such disclosure, use or publication may be required in connection for the Company work, at any time either during the continuance of this Agreement or at any time thereafter.
  • Throughout the continuance of the Employee’s employment give and devote the whole of the Employee’s time exclusively to the Employee’s duties with the Company and while serving the company shall not, without the prior consent in writing of the Company, engage directly or indirectly, with or without remuneration, in any trade, business, occupation, employment, service or calling nor the Employee during the term of this Agreement directly or indirectly take up any employment or service or carry on any business either in partnership with others or on the Employee’s own account.
  • Colourtex prohibits the acceptance of a bribe in any form, including kickbacks, on any portion of contract payment, or (b) the use of other routes or channels for provision of improper benefits to, or receipt of improper benefits from, customers, agents, contractors, suppliers or employees of any such party or government officials.
  • The Employee agrees that any invention, whether patentable or not, formula, design, process, product, program, trademark, copyright, domain name, idea, discovery and improvement conceived or developed by the Employee during the course of the Employee’s employment with the Company shall be the sole and exclusive property of the Company and the Employee shall promptly communicate to the Company full information with respect to any of the foregoing conceived or developed by the Employee. The Employee shall execute and deliver all documents, including but not limited to patent and other intellectual property related applications and do all other things as shall be deemed by the Company necessary and proper to effect the assignment to the Company of the sole and exclusive right, title and interest in, to and under all such inventions, formulae, designs, processes, products, programs, trademarks, copyrights, domain names, ideas, discoveries, improvements and intellectual property rights thereon.
  • Upon termination of the Employee’s services (either due to resignation, retirement or otherwise), the Employee shall hand over charge to his/her successor nominated by the Company and shall deliver up all such articles, effects and property of the Company as may be in the Employee’s possession including, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, all drawings, plans, technical data, diaries, notes, note books and all other correspondence either addressed to the Employee by the Company or received by the Employee for and on behalf of the Company either in form of soft copy or as an hard copy.
  • Without prejudice to any other rights or remedies that the Company may have against the Employee, the Company shall be entitled to deduct from any sum payable to the Employee, the amount of any loss or damage to the Company may have sustained in consequence of the acts or defaults of the Employee.
  • It is hereby expressly agreed and declared that this policy shall be deemed to whatsoever under this Agreement or breach thereof or in respect of any matter or thing herein contained and any claim by either party against the other shall be instituted or adjudicated upon by a Court of competent jurisdiction exclusively in Surat, Gujarat.
  • The invalidity or unenforceability of any term, phrase, restriction, covenant, or other provisions hereof shall in no way affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions of this Agreement for any part thereof.
  • This policy shall be effective as of the first day of my employment with the Company.