Technical Service

Being a customer driven company, Colourtex has always been proactive to customers' needs, be it product development, application support, product economy or ecological concerns.

Through a strong network of marketing and technical services, Colourtex translates customer needs relating to products and their applications to competent solutions by simulating the conditions in Technical Service Division at Surat, Tirupur and Ludhiana.

Latest among instrumentation for technical support include

  • Mathis Continuous Dyeing Range
  • Atlas Weather-o-meter CI 3000 plus
  • Data Color spectrophotometers
  • Digiwash Launder-o-meter
  • Verivide Multi illuminant cabinet
  • James Heal Sublimation tester
  • Dielem Starlet IR Dyeing machines
  • Auto dispensing laboratory systems
  • Pilot Package Yarn Dyer
  • Pilot Fully automatic HT HP Jet Dyeing machine